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Relax and Rejuvenate

Feel you don't have the time or energy to take care of yourself? Feel good at taking care of others but not so good at caring for yourself?

It's easy to get lost in day-to-day activities and stresses. And 2020 has been a horrible year!

Practicing self-care lets you be there in the way you want to be for others. But you have to schedule the time for self-care and commit to seeing those plans through.

Take time to nurture and refresh yourself

Awareness Through Movement can help you to slow down, relax, and rejuvenate. These gentle classes will help you learn to:

  • Listen to your body
  • Use your breath to anchor you into your body
  • Let go of tension
  • Become grounded
  • Organise for more comfortable and easier movement

My small group Awareness Through Movement classes guarantee individual attention. I'm able to adjust lessons to your concerns and abilities to ensure you are comfortable. (Max. 6 clients per class)

These floor classes are suitable for adults 18 years and older who can move without help. If you have difficulty moving around, or if unsure about floor classes, contact me (Judith). Please bring your own mat and 2–3 towels for headrest (for hygiene and safety no equipment is provided).

Term 4 (8 weeks):

12 October to 7 December 2020 (excluding 9 Nov)
Mornings:  9:30 am to 10:30 am (AWST)

13 October to 8 December 2020 (excluding 10 Nov)
Evenings: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm (AWST) * New time
(Classes approx. 45 min with 10 min discussion/question time.)


St Hilda's Anglican Church Parish Hall, 15 View Street, North Perth WA 6006
(Hall at rear of the church & garden)


$160 – Adults ($120 Retirees/Pensioners/Unwaged/Students 18+)
(includes complimentary audio-recordings and/or lesson notes to guide your practice)
(Book by Friday 25th September and save $10)
(TryBooking service fee $0.50 per booking. Credit card surcharges may apply. Please read TryBooking's privacy policy before booking.)
Drop-ins not available – please contact me (Judith) if wanting to join after the start of term ($25/class if spot available).

To enrol:

Bookings essential at TryBooking:

If booking button doesn't open automatically, type or copy and paste url into your browser: https://www.trybooking.com/BLBDF

COVID-19 Safety

Our use of the hall must comply with the WA Government's regulations and COVID-19 safety guidelines to reduce the risk.

Therefore, to participate in Discover Movement classes you must agree to all of the following:

* Bring your own mat, towels and/or headrest (no shared equipment and no equipment provided)
* Use the alcohol-based hand sanitiser provided on entering the hall and before leaving
* Enter your details into the hall register each class for contact tracing purposes (date, name, contact phone number or email)
* Keep 1.5 metres away from others (physical distancing) (*my small class sizes ensure more than 4 square metres of space per person is available)
* Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use your inner elbow (throw the tissue in the bin immediately and wash your hands or use alcohol-based sanitiser)
* Only use the toilet marked 'Disabled' and wipe down surfaces with the disinfectant provided when leaving
* Stay home if you feel unwell or if you have any cold or flu symptoms even if mild (e.g., fever, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath) and contact your doctor re testing for COVID-19
* If you haven't already done so, consider downloading the COVIDSafe app to speed up contacting people exposed to coronavirus

Before starting Awareness Through Movement classes...

If you have back pain, please make sure your pain isn't something serious. Though rare, several issues cause back pain and require you to see a doctor.

You should see a doctor if you have:

* Numbness or tingling
* Severe pain that does not improve with rest
* Pain after a fall or injury
* Pain plus any of these problems: trouble urinating; weakness; numbness in your legs; fever; and/or weight loss when not on a diet

Where to find us:

Parking: Free street parking in the vicinity (please check street signs for time limits) | Public transport: A short walk from Fitzgerald St bus routes

About Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes

Awareness Through Movement classes don't rely on stretching or using muscular effort. Instead, each lesson stimulates your brain with a blend of gentle, unusual movement sequences, and guided attention to the connections between parts and your sense of your whole self.

This movement-based mind-body practice will help you:

  • Move more easily and comfortably
  • Improve your breathing, posture, coordination, and flexibility for daily activities
  • Re-educate your body to move less painfully
  • Experience stillness and enhanced awareness

Regular practice can help you to become more active and stay fit.

Class preparation

The only prerequisites are being:

  • 18 years or older, and
  • able to safely move unassisted including get down to lie on a mat on the floor, and up again (please contact me (Judith) if you have a condition that affects your ability to move around, or if unsure that floor classes are suitable for you)

Wear modest clothing that lets you move freely. You may be lying on your back with your legs in the air, so leggings or similar are recommended. Lessons can be done barefoot or wearing grip/non-slip socks - yoga socks with toes and grippers are ideal to give you the barefoot feeling while preventing slipping. This is not aerobic or strength-based exercise so dress in layers for adjusting to changes in temperature.

Bring 3 towels (to fold into firm headrest) and an exercise mat or similar. (If continuing classes, a mat wider and thicker than a standard yoga mat is recommended e.g., 80–100 cm wide & 1.5–3 cm thick mat made of NBR foam or premium high density foam.)

What to expect in group classes

Discover Movement's 2021 Timetable

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2021 Discover Movement class timetable








Term 3 2020 – Improve How You Move

Woman walking on beach for Discover Movement Term 3 classes

Term 3 classes were our first face-to-face classes since the COVID-19 shut-down. It was lovely to catch up with everyone in person. In these classes, we explored four basic patterns of movement: flexion (forward bending), extension (bending backward), side-bending, and rotation (and combinations of these). Making little changes to these movement patterns increases our choices and helps us to find more comfortable ways to do everyday activities.

Term 1 2020 – Getting Back to Basics

Balance rocks photo by Rajesh Kavasseri on Unsplash

We started the New Year with a series of classic Awareness Through Movement lessons. For newcomers, these lessons provided building blocks for a level of effortlessness, efficiency, and ease in everyday movement. For my regular clients, these lessons offered a new or deeper insight into their habits of movement and posture. Some discovered new ways of doing, new possibilities that they could carry with them.