Awareness Through Movement Classes



For the remainder of 2021, I am running private Awareness Through Movement® classes for nurses. These are part of workplace health and wellbeing programs.

Inner city classes and workshops for the general public will be available by appointment only (subject to availability). Please contact me (Judith) to discuss your needs and options.

Before starting Awareness Through Movement classes...

If you have back pain, please make sure your pain isn't something serious. Though rare, several issues cause back pain and require you to see a doctor.

You should see a doctor if you have:

* Numbness or tingling
* Severe pain that does not improve with rest
* Pain after a fall or injury
* Pain plus any of these problems: trouble urinating; weakness; numbness in your legs; fever; and/or weight loss when not on a diet


Discover Movement's small group in-person Awareness Through Movement® classes guarantee individual attention. Lessons are adjusted to your concerns and abilities to ensure your comfort. Classes are open to adults 18 years and older who are able to move without help. Please contact me (Judith) if you have difficulty moving around or if you're unsure about floor classes.

About Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes

Awareness Through Movement® classes don't rely on stretching or using muscular effort. Instead, each lesson stimulates your brain with a blend of gentle, unusual movement sequences, and guided attention to the connections between parts and your sense of your whole self.

This movement-based mind-body practice will help you:

  • Move more easily and comfortably
  • Improve your breathing, posture, coordination, and flexibility for daily activities
  • Re-educate your body to move less painfully
  • Experience stillness and enhanced awareness

Regular practice can help you to become more active and stay fit.

What to expect in group classes


What went before...

I started teaching Awareness Through Movement® classes in 2016. From October 2017, I offered weekly small group classes to the general public (*except early 2020 due to COVID-19). My overarching goal is to help my clients remain independent and self-caring by cultivating their self-awareness and expanding their repertoire of movement.

Judith, Discover Movement


Term 1 2021 – Unknot Your Shoulders

Unknot Your Shoulders 2021 Term 1

We raise our shoulders unnaturally working at a computer, looking down at our smartphone, and many other times during the day. Even holding our shoulders slightly raised, or hunched forward, will create tension, stiffness and discomfort elsewhere. Relaxing our shoulders is vital for our relaxation overall.

Classes in Term 1 were offered in a workplace health and wellbeing program attended by nurses.



Term 4 2020 – Relax & Rejuvenate

Treat yourself Term 4 classes

It's easy to get lost in day-to-day activities and stresses. 2020 was a particularly stressful year. So we took the time in Term 4 to nurture and refresh ourselves. The series included a number of breathing lessons to anchor ourselves, slow down, relax, and rejuvenate. And a self-hug or two for stress-buffering effects.

As has become our habit, we finished the term enjoying each other's company and morning tea in St Hilda's relaxing garden.




Term 3 2020 – Improve How You Move

Woman walking on beach for Discover Movement Term 3 classes

Term 3 classes were our first face-to-face classes since the COVID-19 shutdown. It was lovely to catch up with everyone in person. In these classes, we explored four basic patterns of movement: flexion (forward bending), extension (bending backward), side-bending, and rotation (and combinations of these). Making little changes to these movement patterns increases our choices and helps us to find more comfortable ways to do everyday activities.




Term 1 2020 – Getting Back to Basics

Balance rocks photo by Rajesh Kavasseri on Unsplash

We started the New Year with a series of classic Awareness Through Movement lessons. For newcomers, these lessons provided building blocks for a level of effortlessness, efficiency, and ease in everyday movement. For my regular clients, these lessons offered a new or deeper insight into their habits of movement and posture. Some discovered new ways of doing, new possibilities that they could carry with them.




Term 4 2019 – Time for You

Term 4 2019 Time for You

The end of the year can feel overwhelming for many of us as we race to complete projects at work, prepare for the festive season, and plan holidays. Term 4 classes helped us to let go of muscular tension (in the jaw, neck, chest, shoulders and back), and use our breath to manage stress and feel more grounded. Classes gave us a quiet moment to find our calm place.




Term 3 2019 – Back for the Future

Term 3 2019 – Back for the Future

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, musculoskeletal conditions affect 1 in 3 Australians, most commonly back pain. Back problems/pain are leading causes of loss of health in working-age adults. Changing unhelpful habits of posture and movement can help to relieve or self-manage back problems and improve functioning. Term 3's gentle series provided strategies to relieve tension in the spine and improve the flow of movement throughout the spine.




Term 2 2019 – Get Up and Down More Easily

Term 2 2019 Get Up and Down More Easily

The ability to rise from sitting is a good indicator of whether we are likely to remain independent as we age and our risk for debilitating falls. Term 2 classes showed that it's never too early to improve our mobility and make our lives easier. We learnt how to make sitting to standing easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.




Term 1 2019 – Put a Spring in Your Step

Term 1 2019 Put a Spring in Your Step

Our walk reflects our physical and emotional journey through life. Compensating for aches and pains, injuries or imbalanced muscles, and misuse in day-to-day activities can make it hard for our whole body to move in sync. So we may find ourselves walking with difficulty, heavily or clumsily, hesitatingly, unsteadily. Whether we like to amble, stroll, power walk, or hike, a problem with walking can make daily life more difficult. Term 1 classes helped us improve our balance, coordination, posture, and gait towards walking more easily and confidently.




Term 4 2018 – Learn Ways to Breathe for Ease

Term 4 2018 Learn Ways to Breathe for Ease

Moshe Feldenkrais emphasised that "Our breathing reflects every emotional or physical effort and every disturbance." The Awareness Through Movement lessons in Term 4 helped us learn to self-regulate our breathing. We discovered different ways to breathe that we could use in different activities and situations. And we experienced the calming effect and vitality that comes from improved breathing.




Term 3 2018 – Learn How to Reset Your Shoulders for Comfort

Term 3 2018 Learn How to Reset Your Shoulders for Comfort

Our shoulders bear the brunt of many of our daily activities, which often restrict movement. We have habits of movement and posture that we repeat every day, whether they work well for us or not. The series of lessons in Term 3 helped us learn to let go of poor self-use and habits. We discovered different ways to move to avoid overusing our shoulders, to move with greater ease, to find greater comfort, and to rediscover grounded, restful shoulders.




Term 2 2018 – Everyday

Term 2 2018 Everyday

As we age, we may start to find the simple things in life a bit of a struggle. Things we once took for granted may become difficult. Like looking over our shoulder, sitting comfortably, standing up from a chair, rolling over in bed... But it doesn't have to be that way. This series explored easier ways to do movements that we do many times a day in everyday life including standing up from a chair, rolling over on the floor to sit up, and turning with ease.




Term 1 2018 – Magic Roller

Term 1 2018 Magic Roller

In Term 1 we explored Ruthy Alon's Magic Roller lessons. These lessons provided a perfect way to start the week with renewed energy, greater comfort, and new options for moving with more ease. The lessons also proved a perfect way to end the workday by unkinking complaining joints and muscles, letting go of excessive tension, and freeing our breathing to help us relax and sleep more easily.




Term Nov-Dec 2017  – Shedding the Skin

Nov-Dec 2017 Shedding the Skin

This series focused on helping us unwind and feel at ease and centred ahead of the holiday season. It was based on Larry Goldfarb's Awareness Through Movement series "Shedding the Skin of the Past Year".





Term Oct-Nov 2017  – Classics

Oct-Nov 2017 Classics

This series of classic Awareness Through Movement lessons helped us discover easier movement for everyday, to help us become more active and stay active. Of one of these lessons Moshe Feldenkrais remarked, "Some elderly people can only look in the mirror; they cannot look backwards when they drive a car – they can now."